Internet Marketing and SEO Services For Local Businesses In Tucson

SEO for Every Small Business in Tucson

Local business in Tucson, here is your chance to take advantage and get your business found. Impactbiz, LLC is a marketing and SEO business that specializes in SEO for small businesses. BJ Shagena, the owner of Impactbiz, LLC, is a small business owner and has owned and operated, managed, and work for many small businesses over the years.

You can take advantage of his knowledge and expertise as his business is growing. Find him at and learn what he can provide for you and your business.

Why do you need Search Engine Optimization?

All business want to be the Number 1 business found on Google in their market. If you are one of three business in your market I can guarantee you will be found using the right keywords on your website and in your Google Business Profile. But, if you are one of 50 or 100 business in your market you need marketing and specifically SEO marketing to get your business on page 1 of Google Search and on the first page of Google Maps.

Why Do I Want To Be On Page One?

Being on page one of a keyword Google search can get you hundreds of additional calls a month and even thousands a year. If you got more calls you would have more booked appointments and ultimately you would have more revenue and profit.

Yep, counterpoint to having more business is you might have to grow your business. You may have to hire new employees and you may need to train new employees. You might need to promote current employees to manage all the new hires. So if growing your business is not what you want, then don’t worry about adding digital marketing services or SEO marketing to your business.

What get’s done when I hire Impactbiz, LLC to do my SEO?

  • manage Google Business Profile
  • On Page Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • H tags
  • Schema
  • Additional Content added to website
  • Location pages if your working several cities
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Linking
  • an so much more

You get what you pay for, but the great thing about Impactbiz Marketing and their work in Tucson Arizona is you get personal attention for you and your business.

Don’t hesitate to get your Search Engine Started today. Why Today? SEO does take time, you may not see a significant change to you leads or call volume for a couple months. Given SEO can take time the sooner you start the sooner you will get results.


Here is one of the hardest conversations a marketing business can have with a small business owner. Should you spend your money on SEO or on PPC. PPC is pay-per-click advertising. You see PPC ads when you do a search on Google, they are the first pages that come up and typically say AD next to the clickable link.

When someone clicks on that PPC link the business gets charged for that click. So if a Bot or someone just surfing the net clicks you get charged. That charge can add up if you are in a competitive market. Depending on the keywords and what your PPC rate is you could be looking at $0.50 to $50.00 per click.

SEO is all about time. Working on your business through your website. Backlinks, website keywords, on page, and off page work all help the business for the long run. If your end goal is to get on page one of a Google search you can accomplish that with the right work being done. Once you get there, you need to stay there. A website might see continual success on page one if they stop the SEO. But in time other business will be on your heals and working on their SEO. So you might fall down to pages 2, 3 or further after you stop.

If you are looking for immediate results and leads that are short lived and will go away once you stop with payed ads, they PPC is right for you. If you and your business is in it for the long haul, they SEO is what you need.

Ultimately there should be some balance for advertising and marketing. I like to think 25% – 50% should be spent on marketing and 50% – 75% should be spend on advertising. This balance gives you the ability to have the long term work accomplish its needs to have you ranked high while the short term immediate business can be through your Facebook Ads, PPC, Pop-up Ads, Radio, Newspaper, or other sources of advertisement.