Cowboy SEO Services in Tucson

Country western is what Tucson Arizona is all about. This southwest city is home to the University of Arizona and some of the best country furniture around. Country Western Lifestyle got big when they introduced SEO Marketing to their business.

When does your business need SEO? From day one!

Our furniture business couldn’t have survived in Tucson if we didn’t hire a website and SEO expert. But how did we decide on who to hire?

We interviewed the guys at Impactbiz Marketing and they knew exactly what we were thinking and took over immediately.

Search Engine Optimization is all about people finding you on the web. So our budget involved marketing along with advertising. We need immediate business and that we got from our advertising. But we also knew we needed long term attraction without the cost of advertising. In came our Local SEO services. The guys got our website optimized and then took over the Google Business Profile. Once we had those rolling every month we saw an increase in calls and visitors to our store.

If you are planning on being in business for the long term then add SEO to you marketing budget and hire a company that doesn’t confine your needs to a box.